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You have just logged into the CON.FORM-BIMUREG website, which will open the doors leading to the wonderful world of BIO IMMUNO(G)ENERGETIC MEDICINE.
This is a world made up of the billions of cells living inside our bodies, the countless molecules contained within, and the few thousand genes which command the whole system.
As in the universe in which we live, within us lie galaxies, planets with their satellites, comets travelling from one place to another at incredible speed... and for all this to work in harmony, flawless organisation is needed at all times, and each activity must be rigorously controlled using extremely precise regulating mechanisms.

However, there are also numerous little grains of sand which inevitably come and interfere with all these superb mechanisms, eventually managing to upset them altogether.
This is why we have endeavoured to find a means of re-establishing order within these  disrupted mechanisms, not only in the field of genetic disorders but also in molecular and cellular disorders, without moreover causing further damage elsewhere in the body.
This is the role of a wide range of new remedies developed by our researchers, enabling auto-regulatory mechanisms to relaunch themselves inside the cells which make up our organs, whatever the disease causing the disorder.

You can find out more on these BIMUREG® products on the « INFORMATION » pages of this website, and also on the « TRAINING » pages if you are a registered therapist.
Furthermore, links to various other websites will enable you to grasp the extent of this new sphere of action of modern medicine, and find solutions for yourself and those around you.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website.